About USEH

International Training and Educational Services.

USEH-International Training and Educational Services, Inc. was initiated 2 decades ago by a visionary cadre of academicians and professionals, always pushing the envelope of international training and educational services. Today, our legacy resonates across the globe, with thousands of young professionals making their mark in esteemed establishments in regions like the United States, Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Several countries in Europe, and Turkey.

Our expertise prominently shines in Tourism and Hotel Management, constituting 85% of our endeavors. However, we are equally adept at orchestrating high-caliber paid internships in contemporary fields like business administration, finance, sales & marketing, and the dynamic sphere of IT.

Central to our mission is the empowerment of tomorrow's global leaders. We architect pathways for them to tap into international roles, simultaneously satisfying the innovative appetite of global enterprises eager for fresh, international perspectives.

Taking a giant leap towards the future, we're ecstatic to reveal our recent membership with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This collaboration amplifies our steadfast commitment to global sustainability and echoes our dedication to responsible travel. For over two decades, our passion for nurturing and propelling young professionals in the hospitality sector has been unwavering.

As these emerging talents are primed to revolutionize the hospitality landscape, guiding them toward a future that prioritizes responsibility and sustainability. We entreat our participants and collaborators to rally behind this cause, embody responsible practices, and actively shape a world where travel is synonymous with sustainability. With USEH, we're not just charting careers; we're crafting a holistic, sustainable vision for global travel.

With our epicenter in Atlanta, GA, and a widespread network of international partnerships spanning the globe, USEH truly epitomizes a globally connected organization.

For forward-thinking employers, eager to harness the dynamism of international talent without the constraints of consultancy costs, USEH International is your ideal partner. Join us in this epoch-making journey.