USEH Program

New Zealand Internship Program.

New Zealand Internship Program


The duration of the internship is a maximum of six months. After the first six months, the extension of the internship is dependent upon both parties initiative.

Hourly Wage / Monthly Income:

The allowance differs depending on the sector, company, position, and weekly hours worked. Generally, the monthly income is between 1500 NZ$ - 1800 NZ$.

Monthly Expenses:

General living expenses may be between 900 NZ$ - 1500 NZ$ per month

Fields of Internship:

Tourism & Hotel Management, Business, Finance, Communication, Agriculture, Production


The first two days of temporary accommodations are arranged by USEH/Host Company. The candidates will decide on their own permanent accommodation unit. Shared accommodation is recommended.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance is included in the program fee.


Before traveling to New Zealand, applicants must attend the orientation meeting provided by USEH. Environment, living conditions, and cultural differences are explained during the orientation.

Visa Procedure:

Visa application documents are provided by USEH. The applicant must apply for visa individually as described by USEH consultants


USEH plans the travel dates and will assist the candidate in purchasing economic tickets.

Program Start Dates:

Year round applications are possible. Official application must be completed at least three months before the desired starting date.


» Candidate must be a university student and must be required to complete internship in their main field of study
» The candidate should be between 18 - 29 years old
» A minimum of upper-intermediate English level is required, and will be determined by USEH consultants during the interviews.
» To be defined eligible by USEH consultants after the interview

Application Process:

» Online or walk-in application to USEH
» If pre-application is accepted, the candidate will be invited to an interview with USEH Consultants.
» If the candidate is found eligible at the interview, the candidate will be invited to complete an official application.
» After completing the official application, the placement process will begin, and will take approximately 12 weeks.
» Placed applicants sign the offer letter sent by the host company, and they must pay the program fee within 2 days of the signature date.
» The applicant’s visa process is started by USEH, and the applicant must attend the orientation meeting.
» The documents for visa application will be given to the applicant by USEH, and the applicant will be required to apply for the visa on an individual basis.
» USEH will assist with flight reservations.