USEH-Summer Work & Travel in USA

USEH-Summer Work & Travel in USA

summer-usaThe Work and Travel Program is offered to full-time, post secondary students who are between ages of 18-26 and who wish to come to the United States for the purpose of promoting international understanding and exchange as well as to experience American culture. Students can live and work in the U.S. for up to 4 months. The program must be during the student's summer/winter vacation, and the students must return to their home country and continue their post-secondary degree.

USEH’s Approach to SWT Program

USEH recommends university students to review their own qualifications and expectations regarding the program before deciding to join. USEH believes that applicants should prefer to join the SWT program after having at least one job experience in their home country. Applicants should take into consideration that joining a cultural exchange program where they will be living in a new culture, community far away from their family and friends and that this could be sometimes difficult to handle if it is combined with a very new field of work experience where they will have to adjust themselves to new work environment with its own rules & regulations and performance expectations. Applicants should prefer to select jobs that match their field of study or at least their overall career objectives as any experience obtained during and after university education will be on their resume and that employers will review these experiences. USEH accepts and tries to place students in their field of study and career objectives and recommends other country programs if there is no available position matching applicants qualifications/expectations.

Application Deadlines & Program Duration

Summer Work & Travel positions are available for 4 months between June - October. Applications start to be accepted for evaluation as of first week of November every year and end in first week of April.

Job Placements & Monthly Stipend

Hotel & Tourism Industry, Theme Parks, International and local Hotel Chains and other Service industries. Hourly wages ranges between $5.50 USD - $9.00 USD per hour depending on the company/positions placed. Generally, weekly hours are approximately 40 hours per week.

Visa Process & Health Insurance

Summer Work & Travel Program is offered under the J-1 visa and regulations of USCIS. Necessary assistance to obtain the J-1 (applying and obtaining the DS 2019 Form) will be provided by USEH. However, to validate the J-1 visa each applicant will apply to the US Consulate/Embassy individually. The ultimate decision to validate J-1 visa belongs to the US Consulate/Embassy. Health insurance for participants is provided as a part of the program and as a US Government regulation for the traineeship duration.

Usually the host company provides housing options at the student’s expense. If the host company does not provide assistance for housing, USEH will provide the necessary assistance in finding temporary or permanent housing at participant’s expense.

Orientation & Travel Arrangements & Ongoing Consultancy

Participants are responsible for their own airfare. However, USEH consultants determine the departure date. USEH can provide assistance in obtaining discounted airfares if required by the participant. USEH provides a continued advisory for the participants and the host companies through its partner organizations as well. The ongoing program will be evaluated periodically and each participant and their host company will be asked to provide an evaluation. Prior to travel to the USA, each participant is obligated to attend the mandatory orientation seminar provided by USEH consultants. Several subjects are covered during the orientation but the main topics are:

¯General information about the US such as living conditions, life styles, cultural similarities & differences.

¯General information about the host company and region or city

¯Performance and behavior expectations of the host company

¯Responsibilities as an trainee

Application Process

¯Upon deciding to apply for the SWT Program, the applicant should present his/her resume to USEH and/or fill out the online application form at USEH website.

¯If the applicant is found to be eligible for our programs, they are invited for an interview with USEH Consultants.

¯Applicants who pass the interview and evaluation are then invited to complete an official application.

¯ To complete the official application, the applicant must submit the required documents, including the application fee, which is nonrefundable. The placement process will begin for the official applicant which shall take 6-8 weeks under normal conditions.

¯Once the participant is secured a position, the offer letter including the conditions such as work hours, hourly wage, housing, etc. will be provided for review and signature to the participant.

¯In addition to the placement agreement (between the trainee and the host company), the trainee will be asked to sign an agreement with USEH. This agreement will outline the responsibilities and duties of parties, the trainee & USEH. USEH will not take further responsibility for trainees who violate the agreement conditions during the program.

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