What are people saying about USEH

USEH is operating since 1999; throughout its operation the organization has processed thousands of applicants to variety of programs offered. We receive thank you notes from our participants every day. We are happy to share some of them here with you. Based on our records about 45% of our participants apply to USEH as second time applicants for different programs; about %25 of our repeat participants apply to USEH third time again as a participant for a new program.

Alvin S. ,Peru

Thank you very much Danielle for everything you´ve done for us. You are amazing!

Best regards,

Alvin S.

USEH has offered me a great opportunity to improve my knowledge in HR field; where the provided me a management training where I could experience all the major areas in HR. I now feel ready to make a jump start in my career in return to my country! Thank you USEH!

Betania H., Brazil / Management Trainee in HR Company

It was the best experience I had so far; I experienced the American way of business!

Fernandez B., Italy / Intern in Graphic Design

USEH was very helpful throughout the whole process; found me an excellent training position at a 5 diamond / 5 star luxury hotel only in 3 weeks and completed my visa paperwork in 2 weeks! So, I was in the US after 8 weeks I met with them. Professional team, great service! Thank you!

Marc M., Serbia/ Hospitality Intern

Ertug Ersoy

Thanks to Useh and Burcin
Dear all, I totally agree with my friend Niler Suer.I had the same experience that he had.We started to our USA adventure with Useh.I learned a lot about american culture,Hotel bussines,F&B and many other departments.Right now i am working at ST REGIS hotel in Washington Dc.Thanks for everyone and Burin to give me the opportunity. Ertug Ersoy THS Bilkent University Ertug Ersoy

Hi Useh family;

First of all I want to thank you all kindly because you made my dreams come through. I've been a member of the family since 2003.I had the experience of a life time. I had the chance to work at a great company called Marriott and I had the chance to travel all around the country and have a lot of good memories. I am very proud of myself because I choose the right company "Useh" and had a great time with all new friend from all around the country. I have been to United States on J-1 visa, then I went back to my country and came with H2B visa with Useh besides I extended my stay on H2B with Useh. I had great work experience and I improved myself in all different kinds of aspects that I could never do by my own in my country. I want to thank Burcin Turkkan the president of Useh and all the other family members for all their help and caring.. wishing you all the best...kindest regards.....

Niler Suer FL,

Bilkent University, Turkey

Hello, USEH

Time flies, it has been amazing to be at Intercontinental Hotel. I have been in USA for one year almost. Thank you again for your help bringing me to USA.

Bo Ying from China

Dear Ms. Burcin,

How are u doing? I'm doing pretty good and I have applied for a new I-94 card. I want to thank u on behalf of myself and Clinton for giving us this opportunity to do our internship here in Colorado and sticking with us through our difficult times, we really appreciate it.

Brian Reid, Jamaica

Hey Sam,

Thank you so much for your help with my tax returns . I really appreciate it.

Will you be able to do my taxes next year??? I know you do only J-1 VISA, but I would like you to do it, since you are good and fast with it. Have a great day and thanks again...

Carl Gerards SIU, FL USA



This is Akin Aydin. I have met USEH thru Ms. Turkkan who was my instructor at the EI of AH&LA , Ankara. My first internship with USEH was in USA; I have worked at a high quality Hotel in Atlanta, GA for 18 month. I had the opportunity to work in most of the departments and have been promoted to supervisory level at the end of my internship period. After USA Internship I have applied to NZ Internship program where I had the opportunity to work at a chain hotel. After completing by internship, I have received a supervisory position offer from a restaurant in NZ. I am still working for this company as manager. I owe all these to Ms. Burcin who guided me and provided these opportunities for me.. I would like to take this opportunity to thank USEH one more time for the great opportunities…

Akin Aydin New Zealand

EI of AH&LA , Ankara, Turkey