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What is an Internship Program?

An Internship is typically a period of employment for a specific time, offered by an organization/employer to candidates in order to gain work experience in their respective fields of study or interest.

Why an Internship?

An internship will provide you with invaluable work experience, provide you with international experience to add to your resume and broaden your understanding of different cultures to name a few. Here are 5 more benefits of internships:

5 Benefits of doing an Internship:

  1. Explore your career path

Many people that have studied a certain field either need experience in this field or does not understand the practical implementation of their studies in a “real world” scenario. An internship will provide you with both the experience needed as well as the very important implementation of your knowledge.

  1. Mentorship

One of the most important aspects of internships are mentorship. You have access to professionals in your field with years of experience behind them – you have access to this experience while you are doing your internship.

  1. Confidence

Internships will assist you to build your own confidence as well as indicate areas where you can still grow. This is a valuable lesson and once you identify the areas of growth needed, they may be fulfilled with either short courses or additional studies.

  1. Cultural experience and Travel

By enrolling on an international internship, you will gain cultural experience as well as be able to travel to new destinations. This experience will always stand you in good stead with prospective employers as well as provide you with personal growth.

  1. Prospective employment

You can do your own research but people with internship experience stands a much better chance of being hired – either by the company providing the internship or future employers since you already have some experience – this gives your resume an edge above other applicants that does not have experience listed on their resumes.

Need a few more reasons to consider an internship?

We only highlighted 5 benefits above, but there are many more. A simple Google search will provide you with a plethora of benefits associated with internships – please take our advice and do some of your own research too!

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