Bridging the Gap between Gen-Z Talent and the Global Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is undergoing significant shifts in recruitment strategies, according to speakers at The Hospitality Show in Las Vegas. A central topic was the unique approach required to engage Generation Z in the workforce, who place a high value on understanding a company’s core values and the people involved before they make any commitments.

Ashli Johnson, a panelist from Howard University, pointed out that Gen Z individuals often connect with the recruiter before anything else, emphasizing the importance of personalized connections in the recruitment process. She also stressed the importance of providing students with opportunities to engage and gain experience before they sign an agreement.

In this changing landscape, USEH International is uniquely positioned to meet these new challenges and opportunities. With over 22 years of experience, USEH International offers international paid internships and training opportunities, mainly focusing on the USA and Canada. These opportunities allow Gen Z recruits to gain firsthand experience in the hospitality industry before they make any formal commitment, thereby meeting their need for connection and experience.

Beyond providing international experience opportunities, USEH International also works directly with hotels to prepare them to welcome these young professionals. The company assists hotels with the international recruitment process and manages the visa process based on the type of visa program the recruits are processed under.

With their deep understanding of international exchange program rules and regulations, USEH International provides an invaluable service to hotels that may not have the internal resources or expertise to navigate these complex processes. This expertise also ensures that both the interns and the hotels remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of these programs.

USEH International’s comprehensive services and focus on international opportunities can attract the Gen Z demographic, who are seeking meaningful connections with recruiters and a real understanding of their potential commitments before signing contracts. As such, USEH International is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the industry’s talent pool, which, as pointed out by the panelists, extends far beyond the front desk to include roles in marketing, sales, accounting, culinary, recreation, engineering, and HR. By addressing the recruitment needs of both students and hotels, USEH International is poised to shape the future of recruitment in the hospitality industry.

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