Career Essentials and Service

Career Essentials and Service


Identifies basic work ethics and principles that are essential in providing outstanding service to customers. A strong emphasis is put on the importance of personal leadership development as you can not begin to lead others until you can first lead yourself.


Product Description

The Career Essentials and Service (CES) online business course was designed for students who are preparing to begin their business or hospitality career, or anyone currently working in the service industry. The overall purpose of the CES online hospitality course is to enhance the participant’s career essentials and professional development skills. The topics and activities in CES are designed to inspire participants to deliver service excellence by developing an “A HA!” Amazing Hospitality Attitude!

The course modules emphasize the importance of personal leadership development as you cannot begin to lead others until you can first begin to lead yourself. CES inspires you to develop a more positive attitude, strong character, an appreciation for the benefits of effective communication and cultural understanding.


  • Enhancing Career and Professional Development Skills
  • Top employability traits deemed essential by hospitality and tourism industry leaders
  • Emphasizing people and service skills enriched with multicultural understanding and awareness
  • Developing an appreciation of other cultures, traditions and beliefs, to perform more effectively in the workplace
  • Inspiring participants “A HA!” or Amazing Hospitality Attitude needed for success in life – both personally and professionally
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